Commercial Services

Commercial Services

At Eastam GC, we believe that planning a commercial project is as much a part of the process as execution. Whether we are designing tenant interiors or overseeing construction management, we are committed to creating cost savings for our clients from the moment our team comes on board.

General Contracting

Our general contracting services rely heavily on planning and analysis to bring commercial projects to completion. Before construction begins, we carefully analyze the project’s demands to ensure that costs and construction timelines are reasonably accurate and attainable. We then engage the most capable and experienced team to see the project to fruition.

Construction Management

Hands-on control and a centralized team approach allow Eastam GC the luxury of streamlining the construction process. Our expertise and resources allow us to take projects from start to finish, or to step in at any point along the way. Our company takes great pride in our ability to bring excellent commercial projects to realization in the Charlotte area.


A large part of what brings value to a commercial property is the quality of the design and construction. As a design-build commercial general contractor, Eastam offers the full complement of services that stem from your budget and product specifications. We are fully entrenched in every step of the process. From site selection to engaging and managing the design and architectural teams, your focus can be on your business while we oversee your project.

Tenant Improvements

Eastam GC not only provides general contracting and ground-up construction services, we also specialize in tenant improvement and commercial renovation/remodeling services. From interior commercial renovations to existing commercial buildings, exterior commercial renovations or additions, the experts at Eastam have you covered.

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